We are specialized in the areas of Immunoallergology, Cystitis and Emergency / Hypertensive Crisis.

“Improving the quality of life of the allergic patient” has been our main objective, based on a partnership with ALK-Abelló (a world leader in the research and commercialization of allergy diagnostics and treatments) and a highly specialized team.

We try to provide doctors and patients quality service through innovative products and technical and scientific support.

Cystistat ®

Give the cure a chance.

Cystistat ® is a medical device,  a sterile solution of Sodium Hyaluronate,   for the temporary replacement of the glycosaminoglycan (GAG) layer in the bladder. Bioportugal is currently the exclusive distributor of this product for Portugal.

Emergency/Hypertensive Crisis

Tachyben® (Urapidil)