Our Story


Our evolution over the years has been an ongoing and gradual process. At the company’s start-up, we were already involved in the fields of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics although our activities were very low, due to the limited number of customers and our still tenuous position in the market. Our property and financial assets then had an insignificant value. With the passage of time, there was an expansion both in the number of companies represented and in the range of job options that led to an increase in potential customers and billing volume, resulting in an improvement in terms of financial resources and assets.

In 2011 IAPMEI distinguished Bioportugal with the PME Excellence 2011, an initiative created in partnership with the bank, to signal the merit of small and medium-sized companies that achieve the best performances in the world of leading national SMEs. This entire process contributes to the development and maturity of a company which is currently in a position to cope with the normal market competition in the area in which it operates.

Our Vision

Through the constant search for innovation in products and services and the establishment of strategic partnerships, we aim to achieve the status of reference company in the areas of hospital diagnosis, life sciences and pharmaceutics, looking for the total satisfaction of the interested parties.

Our Mission

To contribute to the progress of medical diagnosis and research activities in the health area, providing our customers high quality products and services, growing in a sustained manner.

Quality Policy

Being the clients our reason to exist, we work with the goal of continuously improving their satisfaction. We move through ethical principles, clarity, transparency and honesty in order to contribute to the best performance and motivation of our employees. We are sure that this attitude will allow greater confidence on the part of those who collaborate with us in order to contribute to the success that we want to achieve.

Innovate and improve are words that are part of our reality and that move us daily.

We understand the quality of our company, our products and services, as a link to the health and well-being of all our partners.

We aim to provide products and services of recognized value that are at the forefront of technology, making them available to our customers in strict compliance with applicable laws, regulations and requirements.